Gnration – Calígula Morreu, Eu Não. Braga, Portugal. 2019
Xie Zilong Museum Changsha, China. 2019
Scenkonst Museet – Sound Check. Stockholm, Sweden. 2019
Sónar+D – Innovation Challenge. Barcelona, Spain. 2018
Noite Branca Braga, Portugal. 2018
Criatek Aveiro, Portugal. 2018
Festival Internacional De La Imagen Manizales, Colombia. 2018
Gnration – Open Day. Braga, Portugal. 2018
V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media – Test_Lab. Rotterdam, Netherlands. 2017
Science Gallery Dublin – SOUND CHECK. Dublin, Ireland. 2017
LOOP – UnderLOOP. Barcelona, Spain. 2017
Vira Pop Braga, Portugal. 2017
Spektrum – Dark Technology Dark Web. Berlin, Germany. 2017
Alumia – Porto Lazer. Porto, Portugal. 2017
Hek – Oslo Night. Basel, Switzerland. 2016
Sónar+D – Innovation Challenge. Barcelona, Spain. 2016
Infarto en Shangai Barcelona, Spain. 2016
Museu de Tortosa – Anys de Llum a da Ciutat. Tortosa, Spain. 2016
Elektricity Festival Reims, France. 2015
PLUNC Lisbon, Portugal. 2015
Future Places Porto, Portugal. 2015
GOMA Porto, Portugal. 2015
Sónar+D – Music Hack Day. Barcelona, Spain. 2015
Museu de Alberto Sampaio Guimarães, Portugal. 2014
Noc Noc Guimarães, Portugal. 2013
Micro Mutek Barcelona, Spain. 2013
Cau D’Orella Barcelona, Spain. 2013

Calígula Morreu, Eu Não – Residency. Braga, Portugal. 2019
Changsha Media Arts Residency Program – Artist in Residency. Changsha, China. 2019
Unesco International Youth Forum on Creativity and Heritage along the Silk Roads – Youth Delegate. Changsha & Nanjing, China. 2019 
Sónar+D Innovation Challenge – Participant. Barcelona, Spain.2018
Festival Internacional de la Imagen – Artist in Residency. Manizales Colombia. 2018
LABICxLaPAZ – Citizen Innovation Lab. Pasto, Colombia. 2018
V2_ Summer Sessions – Artist in Residency. Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2017
Alumia – Porto Lazer. Shortlist. Porto, Portugal. 2017
Sónar+D Innovation Challenge – Participant. Barcelona, Spain.2016
Sónar+D MusicHackDay – Ableton’s Best Hack Award. Barcelona, Spain. 2015
FABRICA – Benetton Trial Residency. Treviso, Italy. 2014

Master’s degree in Digital Arts

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. 2012
Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design
Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto, Porto. 2010

Artist talk – WHY Museum. Changsha, China. 2019
Creative coding and data as a creative tool – XVII Festival de la Imagen. Manizales, Colombia. 2018
Mercado de Diseño, Arte Electrónico y Tecnología – XVII Festival de la Imagen. Manizales, Colombia. 2018
Technology as a tool for creativity and learning – Universidad de Nariño. Pasto, Colombia. 2018
Introduction to Creative Coding with P5js – Universidad de Nariño. Pasto, Colombia. 2018
Artist Sound Bytes – Science Gallery Dublin. Dublin, Ireland. 2017
Sounding Objects – Interactive Interfaces with Arduino and Max Msp. Porto, Portugal. 2015

The Creators Project “Unsecured Webcam Film Turns Real Life into ‘The Truman Show'”
El Periódico “Seis pantallas para un cine que ya no es”
Motherboard “To Remind of Surveillance, Artists Stream Web Cams from Around the World”
L’Obs “Un fascinant livestream de webcams non sécurisées”
Miquel Pellicer “, la ventana indiscreta del mundo”
P3 “Ela transforma objetos comuns em música”
El Periódico “Me estás mirando”
Arduino “A collective instrument capturing breath with paper windmills”
Gizmodo “This swing set is the world’s coolest instrument”
Discovery Channel “Daily Planet”
Creative Applications “Baloica is a swing transformed into a musical instrument”
Interactive Design “Elas Duas Multidisciplinary design studio”
Design Taxi “Visitors Make Music On These Swing Sets That Function As Musical Instruments”